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The ONGA Leadership Grant Program helps defray education costs for deserving individuals who are enrolled or plan to enroll in an institution of higher learning. Leadership grants will be awarded to active ONGA members (either officers or warrant officers) or dependents of active, life, retired, or deceased members of the Ohio National Guard Association. Leadership Grant recipients are ineligible for consideration in subsequent years. Leadership Grants for 2016 will be awarded during the Ohio National Guard Association Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio. The Leadership Grants are administered through the Leadership Grant Committee of the Ohio National Guard Association. Instructions for Applicants: To complete the ONGA Leadership Grant Application, use the following checklist to complete your application packet:
  • Current grade transcripts and class standing
  • A copy of your SAT/ACT scores with local and national ranking (percentile) included
  • A photograph suitable for publication
  • A paper explaining why you should be selected for a grant. Be sure to address the first five items listed below. Your paper should be a maximum of two pages in length
  • (Optional) A single, one page recommendation from a teacher, counselor, employer, etc.
Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:
    • Grades

ONG Leadership Application

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